VacuumJak vacuum pump variable speed controller
Located in eastern Pennsylvania farm country, Goldberger Controls, Inc. is an electrical controls distributor. This gives us an opportunity to work with agricultural and commercial applications. The product lines we represent are used in many industrial / commercial areas. We offer over 20 years of engineering and maintenance experience.
Working with dairy equipment suppliers, Goldberger Controls, Inc. offers the VacuumJak® system. By using high quality and reliable industrial grade components, the VacuumJak® system stands up to the unique environment of the dairy farm.
What is a VacuumJak®?  
VacuumJak series

It is a variable speed vacuum pump controller with a sensor.

During milking the VacuumJak® system automatically maintains a vacuum level of your choosing. The system changes pump speed each time a milk claw is added or dropped so that steady vacuum is presented to all cows. Pump speed is related to milk, wash, and rinse activity. The system controls pump speed to provide you with a strong vacuum while reducing your electricity costs and increasing pump life.  
What's in your barn?
dairy milking
  On average, the VacuumJak® system can yield an electrical energy savings of $10/Hp/month. A 65 cow herd using a 7.5 Hp pump and a motor saves about $71/month based on 2 hours of milking, 1.5 hours of wash and rinse, 2 milking sessions each day, and an energy cost of 8 cents/KWH.
  If your milk/wash/rinse times are longer due to larger herd or your energy costs are higher, then more money will be saved. The long and the short of it is that you will save about $1.00 per cow each month because you'll use less electricity during milking, wash, and rinse!
Give longer life to your existing equipment and put a few bucks back in your pocket!


POWER LOSS RIDE-THROUGH: Milker Claw will not fall off during electrical dips or brownouts.
VacuumJak® can provide a higher vacuum level for washing while controlling motor speed for energy savings.
AUTOMATIC FAULT RESET: Protects your equipment and keeps your system on line.
MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL: Allows faster start up, accurate control, and quick reaction to system upsets. VacuumJak® units come pre-configured and pre-tested to meet your needs.
VacuumJak® can operate vane pumps, rotary lobe pumps, and water ring pumps. Parallel pump operations and Alternating pump A/ pump B operations are available.
Single phase or 3 phase
230v., 380v., 480v., 575v.
50Hz or 60Hz
MAINTENANCE OPTIONS: Automatic pump cleaning alert, water wash for rotary lobe pump alert, high pump temp. alert, vacuum pump lube and oil change alert.




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