DC Motors



DMI Motors
DC Motor DMI
Frame size 180, 200, 225, 250, 280, 315, 400
Output Power 25 - 1400 kW
Excitation 110 - 440 V
Voltages Up to 815 V
No. of poles 4 or 6
Torque range 265 - 21757 Nm
Protection IP23S, IP54, IP55, (IP56 - On request)
Cooling IC06, IC17, IC37, IC86W, IC666 and IC410
Mounting Horizontal or vertical
Standards IEC, CSA
LAN Motors
DC Motor LAN
Frame size 710
Output Power 700 to 1960 kW
Excitation 110 - 440 V
Voltages Up to 815 V
No. of poles 8
Torque range 16000 - 57000 Nm
Protection IP23S, IP54 and IP55
Cooling IC06, IC17, IC37, IC86W and IC666
Mounting Horizontal
Standards IEC

The DMI motors are suitable to various industries and applications

Mill stand, coiler, uncoiler, shear, press machine

High starting torque. Wide speed range with high maxi-mum speed. Short repetitive duty cycle. Load variations. High overload for a short time. Fast acceleration.
Pulp & Paper:
Shear, press machine, winders, sheet cutters, coating stations, hoists

Current sharing between forward and reverse drums. Two motor configuration for redundant operation. Wide speed range.

High starting torque for long time. 4Q drive. Two motor configuration for redundant operation (master and follower). Cost effective solution.
Cranes & Mines:
Harbour cranes, mine hoists

Fast acceleration. Smooth start and stop. Very low base speed. High starting torque. High reliablility. The low inertia combined with high torque is important for crane applications.
Plastic and rubber:
Rubber mixer, extruder

Running at low speed for long time. Two motor configuration (master and follower). Small motor size combined with high starting torque is important for extruder applications.
Ropeway, ski lift

High reliability for safety standards. Low noise. Smooth start and stop. High starting torque. Continuous regeneration.
Winch, crane

Cost effective 4Q regenerative drives. Due to limitation in space the small frame sizes is of importance. High torque for a short time.
Food & Feed:
Sugar centrifuge

Cyclic load and speed changes. Precise speed holding accuracy due to high inertia of load. High torque for acceleration and deceleration. Continuous regeneration.
Oil Industry:
Drill applications, draw works, mud pumps

Short duty cycle with high overload. Wide speed range. No gear box. Fast acceleration due to low inertia. Compact design important where space is limited.
Amusement park:
Roller coaster

Smooth acceleration and deceleration. High starting torque.
Automobile industy:
Test rig

Regeneration is a key requirement. High starting torque. Low noise level.







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