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ABB general machinery drives are designed for machine building. In serial type manufacturing the consumed time per unit is critical. The drives are designed to be the fastest drives in terms of installation, setting parameters and commissioning. The basic products have been made as user-friendly as possible, yet providing high intelligence. The drives offer diverse functionality to cater for the most demanding needs.
Technical Specifications Highlights
0.5 to 3 Hp
200 to 240V (+/- 10%)
- Unified height and depth
0.5 to 15 Hp
200 to 240V (+/- 10%)
- Convenient installation
0.5 to 30 Hp
380 to 480V (+/- 10%)
- Optimized interfaces for users and machines
      - Impressive software and compact hardware
48 to 63 Hz
  - Sequence programming
      - High ingress protection (IP66) variant as an option
Motor Connection - FlashDrop tool for fast parameter setting
0 to 500 Hz
Acceleration time
0.1 to 1800s
Deceleration time
0.1 to 1800s
connection diagram (pdf)    
product dimensions (pdf)    
parameters list(pdf)    
full users manual (pdf)    





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