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AC DC Drives and Motors
ABB ACS350 AC Drive
ABB ACS550 AC Drive
ABB ACS800 AC Drive
ABB ACS100 AC Drive
ACS350 series
ACS550 series
ACS800 series
ACS850 series
ACS1000 series
Component Drives ACS55 0.25 to 0.5 hp (120V) 0.25 to 3.0 hp (240V)  
  ACS150 0.50 to 3.0 Hp (240V) 0.50 to 5.0 Hp (480V)  
Machinery Drives ACS355 0.50 to 15 Hp (240V) 0.50 to 30 Hp (480V)  
  ACS850 0.5 to 700 Hp    
General Purpose ACS310 0.50 to 30 Hp (240 - 180V)  
  ACS550 0.75 to 150 Hp (240 - 600V)  
High Performance ACS800 0.75 to 2500 Hp (240V) 2 to 2250 Hp (480V) 5 to 3000 Hp (600V)
Goldberger Controls, Inc. is an electrical distributor stocking ABB, Furnas, Klockner Moeller, Siemens, Edison, Danfoss, Robroy, Nordic, and Marathon products. Specifically, AC Drives and motors, variable speed drives, push buttons, control, relays, Nordic Soft starts, Furnas NEMA contactors, pump motor alternators, Siemens terminal blocks and DIN rail, Edison fuses, fuse blocks, and power distribution blocks, timing relays, motor starters (IEC and NEMA), pilot lamps and other pilot devices by Klockner Moeller, Siemens, and Furnas, definite purpose contactors by Furnas, CPT control power transformers, NEMA and IEC disconnect switches, IEC and phase loss sensitive overloads, magnetic contactors, manual starters, Klockner Moeller current limiting circuit breakers, Edison time delay fuses, TCI reactors and dv/dt filters, cam switches, and Nordic SSRVS reduced voltage starters.
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